The BIG 6 Student Outcomes

1. Respect

My peers respect me.

I follow people I respect.

I acknowledge the success of others.

I'm capable of getting people to commit to a cause.

I work well with people from diverse backgrounds.

I build positive relationships.

I'm a role model for others.

People listen to me when I speak.

2. Teamwork

I enjoy working with others.

I easily build alliances with others.

I hold myself accountable to commitments I make to groups.

I applaud my teammates when they do well.

I prefer to work with others rather than by myself.

I hold others accountable for their commitments to a group.

I'm comfortable handling conflicts between people.

I ask others to generate input.

3. Critical and Creative Thinking

I ask why problems exist.

I have strong observation skills.

I ask probing questions to better understand problems.

I compare and contrast information to increase my understanding.

I invent imaginative solutions to problems.

I evaluate my solutions and/or responses to problems and situations.

I enjoy wrestling with a problem even if I can't find an immediate solution.

I enjoy word games and number puzzles.

4. Vision

I always look for new ways of doing things.

I set goals.

I thrive in ambiguous situations where I don't know the exact outcomes.

I anticipate trends in the future.

I prefer creating my own solutions to a problem rather than following set procedures.

When working with others, I generate the ideas.

I see challenge as an opportunity for creativity.

I am creative.

5. Communication

I adjust what I say and how I say it, depending upon whom I'm addressing.

I'm a good listener.

I enjoy speaking in public.

I express myself well when I write.

I like to engage in conversation with people I don't know well.

I read others' non-verbal communication cues accurately.

People understand me when I communicate.

People read my nonverbal cures accurately.

6. Ethics

I challenge myself to succeed through adversity.

I'm honest with myself.

I'm honest with others.

I acknowledge when I am wrong.

I treat others with respect and dignity.

I'm bothered when my actions aren't appropriate in a given situation.

I receive great internal satisfaction when I make ethical choices, even if the decision costs me in the short run.

I'm comfortable allowing others to see and learn from my mistakes.

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