Silver Creek Leadership Academy: 2016-2017 Capstone Projects

I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.

Abraham Lincoln


Hosting a silent auction art show of Silver Creek art students to raise $600+ for the local firehouse.

booth, janae: gems day

Girls in Engineering, Math and Science day for middle schoolers.

davidson, sean: tennis camp

Host a tennis camp and tournament for an elementary school.

Emberley, katie: neuro-internship

Studying neuroscience and then building an app for concussions + writing a case study.

fuhrman, jake: la fuente

Working with sister cities to build a fountain in downtown Longmont.

gallagher, trey: music is good

Bringing live music to the elderly.

ginn, alexa: Mini movie makers

Create Animation Club and produce a short movie.

grant, laurel: restorative justice at schs

Create and restore the restorative justice program at SCHS.

Haines, amelia: Spirit

Create an app for school that rewards students with points for attending events in an effort to encourage attendance at school functions.

herrera, ashley: chi sigma sigma

Community Service Society: Second year.

ketchum, brandon: ark (acts of random kindness)

Kindness campaign: Dude, be nice.

larson, derrick: benefit baseball tournament

Baseball tournament with Longmont Baseball League to support Bailey's Baskets for burn victims.

laxton, katie: raptor support

Create an app for SCHS.

long, mitchell: bike repair stations

Create bike repair stations around Longmont and Boulder County.

monnin, jordyn: abash the past

Support group to assist those who have been called names.

nelson, siobhan: benefit concert

Concert to raise awareness about suicide and depression help.

neuhard, zoe: dinner en blac

Community dinner event.

notario, gigi: egg (environmentally grown garden)

SCHS Raptor's garden.

ravi, vishal: little free library

Creating small libraries in apartment neighborhoods.

rios, patricia: wildlife at night

Fundraiser for Defenders of Wildlife by selling wildlife art and collecting donations.

sam, kailla: creek united

Supporting two students from World Vision.

schultz, james: kids night out

Host Kids' Night Out for parents with funds going to local organizations.

smith, ben: sc big brothers and sisters

Mentor program pairing upper classmen with underclassmen.

sparks, scott: silver creek hackathon

Host a hackathon at SCHS.

stouder, madison: team building

Host team building events with funds going to the Mountain States Childrens' Home.

tanner, tristan: socks for scholarships

Making socks with profits going to an autism-based charity.

toum, rothavie: wish week

Host Wish Week at SCHS (Make a Wish Foundation).

tremolini, jessica: internship at jarrow montessori

Helping every other day at school.

webster, mckenna: day of champions

Field day for special needs students in the district.

williams, madison: authors at schs

Bring an author to SCHS once a month to speak to students about writing their books.

williams, mckenzie: low cost photography

Providing low cost photography services.

zens, amy: comforting will

Collect, make and distribute prayer shawls to those with Alzheimer's in Longmont.

zens, jenika: Creek closet

Pantry, supply, and clothing closet for students at SCHS in need.

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