SCLA's Class of 2016: Where are they now?


Baylor University: Major in Biology, Minor in Spanish

Capstone Project

GEMS: Camp for girls in Engineering, Math and Science

Aziz, Mohammed

CU Boulder: Political Science

Capstone Project

Health 4 Kumari: First aid kits for Kumari, Nepal

Belcher, Jacob

CU Boulder: Communications

Capstone Project

Kick Childhood Cancer: Soccer camp raising money for CureSearch

Blink, Gabby

Colorado State University

Capstone Project

Donate Your Denim: Collecting jeans to Blue Jeans Go Green (turning them into insulation)

Dageenakis, Lexi

University of Bridgeport

Capstone Project

A Chance to Play: Collecting sports equipment for Precious Child Organization

DeMartini, Madison

CU Boulder: Major in Chemical and Biological Engineering and a minor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Capstone Project

Butterfly Pavillion Internship

Devereux, Gretchen

CU Boulder: Double major in Music and Aerospace Engineering

Capstone Project

SCHS Music Week: Increasing awareness of the arts at SCHS

Dunne, Joanna

Colorado State University: Double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering; Minor in Psychology

Capstone Project

Kindness Campaign: Bringing Linda's Legacy to SCHS

Eggen, Sam

University of Northern Colorado: Major in Physics with an astronomy focus and Minor in Military Science with the Army ROTC

Capstone Project

Bring Heroes Home Safe: Baseball tournament raising funds for Wounded Warriors Project

Einig, Amanda

Colorado Mountian College at Spring Valley. Majoring in Environmental Science

Capstone Project

SCHS Unity: Created the artwork "Raptors Take Flight" out of recycled bottlecaps (on permanent display at SCHS)

Foster, Katy

Augustana University

Capstone Project

Day of Champions: Field day for SVVSD students with special needs

Frankowski, Kasey

University of Denver

Capstone Project

SCLA 5K: Raising money for future Capstone Projects

Gibbs, Patrick

CU Boulder: Chemical Engineering with a focus on photovoltaic cells

Capstone Project

Trail Restoration Project: Creating a handicap accessible trail in Boulder County

Grolnick, Zoe

University of Cincinnati — Conservatory of Music: Bachelor of Fine arts in Musical Theatre

Capstone Project

Spotlight!: Theater camp for students with special needs

Harvey, Megan

Santa Clara University: Major in Business/Marketing

Capstone Project

Paws for a Good Cause: After school club at Blue Mountain Elementary

Hill, Kenzie

University of South Carolina: Double majoring in Secondary Science Education and Biology

Capstone Project

Rock the Vote: Encouraging high school students to register to vote and hosting a candidate debate at SCHS

Hook, Keira

Gap year: High school exchange student in Belgium with Rotary International, then off to CU Boulder: Double major in Spanish and International Affairs

Capstone Project

Project Intercambio: Internship with Intercambio teaching English as a second language learners

Hunnell, Sydney

East Carolina University

Capstone Project

BoCo Republicans: Internship

Johnsen, Hunter

University of California at Santa Barbara

Capstone Project

Senior StoryCorps: Capturing the memories of the Class of 2016

Kol, Ryan

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Capstone Project

Funds for Fish: Raising money to eradicate iron deficiencies in Cambodia

Madison, Calvin

University of Alabama: Major in Civil Engineering and Minor in Business

Capstone Project

Chi Sigma Sigma: Created the Community Service Society to help students voulunteer more

Meier, Jeffrey

Santa Clara University: Majoring in Civil Engineering

Capstone Project

Project Launch: Internship with Launch Longmont; and started his own ski company

Peila, McKenzie

University of Northern Colorado: Special Education

Capstone Project

Dorothy's Friends: Raising funds for the Wild Animal Sanctuary

Sandal, Rhett

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs: Bachelor of Innovation in Computer Science

Capstone Project

Indian Peaks Robotics Club: Created and ran the Robotics Club at Indian Peaks Elementary School

Sargent, Erin

University of Wyoming

Capstone Project

Raptor Athletic and Activities Council: Creating unity at SCHS by combining students from all interests

Shaner, Hannah

Arizona State University

Capstone Project

A Dance of a Lifetime: Special Needs Prom

Sotiroff, Katherine

University of Colorado: Major in Marketing/Advertising

Capstone Project

Helping Hooves: Internship at the Therpeutic Riding Center and field trip for special needs students

Vasquez, Christiana

University of Northern Colorado

Capstone Project

A Chance to Dance: Dance camp for local elementary school students

Wager, Adam

CU Boulder — Leeds School of Business

Capstone Project

Chip In for Niwot Youth Sports: Golf tournament raising funds for Niwot Youth Sports

Willes, ElizabetH

University of Northern Colorado

Capstone Project

Peace and Service for Africa: Raising funds for this organization to support a medical student in Africa

Zarlingo, PaulA

CU Boulder — Leeds School of Business

Capstone Project

MudHen 5K: Assist with this race to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity

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