Silver Creek Leadership Academy: 2017 Retreat Information

Greetings SCLAers!

Our leadership retreat is right around the corner. Here is some important information:

Packing list: Please pack light! There are no room for suitcases. This is an overnight where there will be 5-6 of you in a room.

Things to bring:

  • A great attitude! We will be doing silly camp songs, games and team building challenges. This is not the place to be too cool to participate.
  • Change of clothes for Thursday
  • Extra pair of socks and shoes (in case you get a pair wet).
  • Pajamas
  • Hoodie/jacket for the evening
  • Bathroom bag that includes: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and any other personal items you need. We're talking travel size! Remember, pack light!
  • Rain poncho (a cheap plastic one is fine; we may encounter some rain!)
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Hiking shoes (hiking boots aren't necessary, but sturdy tennis shoes will be great!)
  • One note about purchasing items on-site: there is a small store at the retreat, so if you wish to bring money to purchase something, you can; however, it is not necessary.
  • You many want to bring a small day-backpack to carry your water bottle, sunscreen and hat.
please note: Lunch and dinner are provided the first day. Breakfast and lunch are provided the second day. We'll also have snacks available.

What NOT to bring:

  • Bedding — Sheets, blankets, pillows and towels are provided by the YMCA
  • Anything illegal — Weapons, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, fireworks. Your parents will be called and you will be sent home AND you will be removed from the program.
  • Expensive electronics — If you lose them or break them, we are not responsible.
  • Excess money — Same as above: if you lose it, we're not responsible.
CHECK IN TIMES: Wednesday, August 2 at SCHS in front of the school. We will make sure all your paperwork is complete, collect payments if any is due, assign your bandana and room teams, and give you your camp T-shirt.
  • 6:30am-6:45am: A-H
  • 6:45am-7:00am: I-P
  • 7:00am-7:15am: Q-Z and late arrivals

PICK UP: Thursday, August 3nd SCHS- Main Parking Lot 5:30pm


You are part of the Silver Creek Leadership Academy and our expectations are high. We have a great reputation as one of the best large groups to visit the YMCA each year, and we want to keep that. We will have a lot of fun together, but we need to work together and follow a few rules to ensure your safety.

BE RESPECTFUL! It's important to remember that we won't be the only campers at the YMCA. There will be other large groups there, including families on vacation.
  • In the dining hall — Please use your inside voices, be polite, and don't cut in line. Clean up after yourself, and make sure the table and floor area is clean.
  • In the lodge — Again, we are not the only campers. Don't slam doors, run in the hallways and be loud. Talk quietly in your rooms and keep the music quiet as well.
  • On the bus — Remember to say "thank you" to the bus driver — don't leave a mess!
  • To each other — We have a lot of kids coming from different schools who don't know anyone; and those that do might only know one or two people. This is a chance to step outside your comfort zone and meet new people. Bullying will not be tolerated. We are ALL RAPTORS now.
  • Phones — We want you to engage with the people at the retreat, so we ask that your phones are put away. You are welcome to use your devices to take pictures; but snapchatting, texting and disengaging during group time is discouraged.


  • No one goes anywhere alone — Stay in groups of three and make sure your ambassadors know where you are. You will have a small amount of free time after meals but we must know where you will be, and you must return to the meeting place on time.
  • Bandanas — You will be assigned to a "bandana" group- Make sure you wear your bandana for the two days at camp. It helps us quickly gather our groups. No switching.
  • Weather — Follow instructions in case of bad weather- lightning etc.
  • Dealing with uncomfortable situations — If something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable, tell your ambassadors or one of the adult staff members. We can't help you if we don't know.
  • Sickness — If you get sick make sure you tell your ambassadors. We have Cindi our health clerk at the retreat with us who can assist.
  • Rooms — You MUST stay in the room you are assigned overnight! No exceptions, even if your best friend is in the room next door to you. This is a leadership camp. Stretch yourself and meet new people. It is ONE NIGHT. If you change rooms, your parents will be called and you will be sent home.
  • We are excited to spend a couple of days with you and help you learn more about SCLA and begin your leadership journey with us! Our Ambassadors have worked very hard to prepare a camp that will be valuable for you and full of great experiences.
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